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The Tyrrell County Soil & Water District has the responsibility of developing and carrying out a comprehensive natural resource program in Tyrrell County. The District works with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide a very comprehensive conservation program in Tyrrell County through technical services and environmental education. Your Conservation District provides technical services to individuals requesting assistance with soil and water conservation problems. These problems may consist of the following: erosion, water management, nutrient management concerns on agriculture land, along with drainage and erosion problems or concerns around your home. Conservation education is another key issue the District addresses through Environmental Education programs offered to schools, clubs, citizens, and others as requested.  The District is a governmental subdivision of the State; a public body corporate and politic organized in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 139 of the General Statutes of North Carolina and is subject to the powers and restrictions as set forth in G. S. 139. Under this law the District has the responsibility of conserving soil, water, and related natural resources within the District boundary. The District board is made up of five supervisors.  The board meets monthly to handle current business and stay up to date on environmental matters. Annual and long-range programs of conservation and development within the District boundaries are developed and carried out with the assistance of local, state, and federal agencies.     
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